Aziz is an Editor at PloS genetics

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We are big suporters of Open Access in the lab and have made an effort in recent years to publish in OA journals or take OA options wherever we can afford to. One of my favourite journals, because it fits my broad interests without being an entirely generalist journal, is “Plos genetics”. I am really happy that two of our papers have been published here in the past.

Recently I was asked and delighted to accept a role on the editorial board of the journal as an Associate Editor to help the journal assess an ever increasing number of submissons (and accepted papers).

I have contributed to OA by being an academic editor at Plos one in the past and this is another opportunity to support OA.

While no system is perfect, and I think the traditional idea of having journals at all might be a flawed model, plos genetics is a step in the right direction. By being open access and sticking to an area of expertise, very broadly “genetics”. I have begun to rely on it as a place to keep up with innovations in my core ¬†areas of interest.

Aziz 21-7-13