Former Graduate students

Dr Yuliana Mihaylova, stayed for a short postdoc stint

Ellen Aboukhatwa, graduated with an MRes and is working in the 3rd sector

Dr Belen Tejada-Romero, current at the Centre for Science and Policy

Dr Damian Kao, stayed as a postoc

Dr Farah Jaber-Hijazi, now at the Adams Lab, Beatson Institute, Glasgow

Dr Deborah Tchakhotine, now a Biology teacher at the Warwick School.

Dr Daniel Felix, now  postdoctoral researcher at the Rudolph Lab, as the Liebniz institute for Age Research

Dr Priscilla Lo, Posdoctoral Researcher at the Georgiou Lab, University of Nottingham


Former Postdoctoral colleagues

Sunir Malla, joined DeepSeq at Nottingham University.

Cristina Gonzalez-Estevez, Group Leader at the Leibniz Institute of Ageing.

Jordi Solana, worked at the MDC in Berlin, now has started his own lab at Oxford Brookes.

Robert Blassberg, currently in a post-doc with Professor James Briscoe at MRC NIMR

Sujai Kumar, Postdoctoral Researcher in Edinburgh with Professor Mark Blaxter, working on Lepidopteran Genomics.

Jean-Michel Carter, Postdoctoral Scientist with Dr Shobbir Hussain

Samantha Hughes, Runs her own group at HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands

Damian Kao, now a bioinformatics consultant at Janelia Research Campus

Yuliana Mihaylova, considering her options while interning at Oxford Nanopore

Nobuyoshi Kosaka, returned to work back in his group in Tokyo



Visiting Scientists

Ricardo Zayas, Visiting Principal Investigator, San Diego

Hanae Nodono, Assistant Professor, Kagoshima University


Undergraduate students, Visiting Students and Rotation Students

Katerina Johnson, now a PhD student at Oxford.

Matthias Kastle

Anish Dattani (BBSRC ID DTP), has joined the lab for his PhD research.

Michael Hopkins (Sys Bio DTC)

Anna Klucnika (Gurdon Summer studentship

Holly Sadler (Biology undergraduate project)

Ben Ingledow (Biology Undergradiuate project)

Dani Ellenby (Summer student)

Nazli Akilli (Erasmus Funded Intern), Undergraduate student, Bilkent University, Turkey

Evangéline Despin-Guitard (Erasmus funded Intern), Masters Student, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France