If you are interested in our research and would like to work with us please do get in touch. Generally the earlier you get in touch the more chance there is for us to establish a collaboration and find appropriate funding.
At all career stages getting funding or support to come to Oxford can be hard and require patience, but so far we have found that we can accommodate nearly everyone who we believe is really enthusiastic about research and has appropriate levels of achievement for their career stage. Organisation and planning well in advance of application deadlines are key to success.
Please check out the page below, most appropriate to your career stage, for more information.


UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH  you are studying for your first degree, and are looking for research experience, or if you are already at Oxford you might be interested in us as an honours project laboratory.


POSTGRADUATE RESEARCH you are completing or have completed your first degree and wish to undertake a PhD (called a DPhil at Oxford).


RESEARCH FELLOWS you are completing or have completed your PhD work and are looking for an exciting postdoctoral opportunity.