Most students looking to join the lab will have or be expecting to receive an excellent degree in an appropriate subject before applying to Oxford to pursue graduate studies. In addition you will need to already have a very high standard of spoken and written English commensurate with being able to communicate your scientific interests and ideas effectively.

One of your main concerns will be funding.

The most efficient way to apply to join us is as follows.

1) Contact Aziz with a brief statement of your interests, motivations and experience to date. Include a brief up to date CV. Wherever possible highlight anything that demonstrates where you have excelled in the context of your previous work. Clearly people will have had very different opportunities and experiences and we try to take this into account when assessing your potential for great research, so how you have done with the opportunities you have had is far more important than the nature of the opportunities themselves.

2) Identify the possible funding options for your research. You will need to acquire, through competitive scholarship/stipend applications money for fees and your own living expenses. These can be from appropriate funding sources in Oxford, from charities or other schemes that might be specific to the place you are applying from. Alternatively you may be in the fortunate position to cover this from your own means (self-funded). Fees differ markedly depending on whether you are UK based or are from elsewhere.

We will provide some help and guidance at this stage, but the more initiative you take yourself the more inclined we will be to help you.

3) After you have identified potential sources of funding and talked to Aziz you can apply to Oxford through the online system, specifying the Aboobaker lab in Zoology as your preferred destination and any sources of Oxford funding you would like to be considered for. At this stage you will also require references from your current and previous teachers and mentors and an offcicial academic transcripts. Aziz will discuss potential research projects with you.

4) Should your application be considered strong enough you will be formally interviewed at least once by academics in your subject area. We can provide further advice for how this process works. In addition if you have applied for Oxford based scholarships you may be interviewed again at various times for of these awards, each of which may have subtly different selection criteria. This is more relevant for non UK/EU students applying for international funding.


This all may seem quite daunting but we are on hand to help those candidates with outstanding records who we feel have a chance of success. Members of the team will have been through this or similar processes and will be able to encourage and advise you. Our contact details are available amongst the pages here.