The team are very keen to provide an exciting and nurturing environment to undergraduates from a variety of scientific disciplines, in the past we have provided summer internships and projects to students from backgrounds as diverse as Psychology through to Engineering.

We are happy to consider enquiries from any talented student and to try to help with costs associated with being in Oxford during your visit.



1st years

We will consider taking first year Oxford students in the lab in the summer of their first year if their have excellent recommendations from their college tutor. This can be in combination with another group in Zoology@Oxford or elsewhere in the University. If you are interested in such an opportunity please send a short email to Aziz explaining what you are interested in, what you would hope to learn and a potential time frame for your visit.

2nd years

Each year we will take between 1-3 students into the labs for main degree projects, almost exclusively from the Biology course at Oxford (but other courses are welcome to ask as well). The lab has proven very popular with potential project students so please do get in touch early to avoid disappointment, certainly by the middle of Michaelmas Term of your second year. Please email Aziz with a short statement about your interests and what you might like to do (at this stage vague is fine if you aren’t sure).

Very good first year marks will help (but enthusiasm trumps everything) and a willingness to be here a significant part of the summer. We would hope to take deserving students to either a conference or more usually our lab retreat (early August each year).

We will endeavour to help our project students with the costs associated with staying to pursue their research projects over the summer vacation, and provide help in persuading colleges to help  as well.

3rd years

Occasionally graduating students wish to get more experience before deciding on the best course of action for them. In special cases we can provide those wishing to work with us help to stay on in Oxford. However, this is likely to be in the context of students eventually wanting to pursue Graduate research within our group or a group working in a similar area elsewhere.



We are very interested in hosting excellent students from other universities in the UK and elsewhere for summer projects, or other forms of internships.

For non-UK students you will almost certainly need to make your own arrangements regarding any necessary visa, travel plans and funding. We will help where we can, providing any necessary documents of letters of support and advice on living here in Oxford.

For UK students we are happy to assist in applications to summer studentship schemes to help cover the costs of living expenses in Oxford. In some situations we may be able to help with these costs directly. Please get in touch as early as possible if you would like to discuss this kind of opportunity.


Possible funding schemes include:

Gurdon summer studentships

Biomedical Vacation Scholarships from the Wellcome Trust

Summer studentships from the Biochemical Society

Undergraduate Studentships from the Society of Biology

Genetics Society Summer Studentships