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I plan to live forever, you?

When I was a child, I had this persistent belief that I will live forever. Recently, I have been wondering if living forever is indeed a tangible thing or science fiction. To understand and think about ways of delaying or

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The Lab is moving to Oxford!

The lab will move physically over the summer and we will officially start in Oxford on October 1st. We will be based in the Department of Zoology at Oxford, and Aziz will be attached to Lady Margaret Hall as A Tutor

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Information theory and evolution

Information theory as an interdiciplinary field consisting of engineering, physics, bioinformatics, mathematics, and many others started with Claude E. Shannon‘s 1948 paper, “A mathematical theory of communication“. Advancements in this field have been instrumental in improving communication across the world from

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Q&A: Youtube video comments

We had a lot of great questions/comments posted in the comments section of the youtube video released a month ago. I’ve copied and categorized all the relevant questions and comments in this entry. There were a lot of people asking

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