I am currently a D.Phil student in the Aboobaker lab working on the telomere maintenance mechanism among the Planaria (flatworms). Planarians such as Schmidtea mediterranea are potentially immortal animals and have an indefinite capacity to regenerate their lost tissues.

My current research interest is understanding the telomere biology of planarians. The telomere is a repetitive DNA sequence present at the end of the chromosomes, that shortens after every cell division due to incomplete replication of the lagging strand of linear chromosomal DNA, this is known as the “End Replication Problem”.
I am excited to understand how some planarians can maintain their telomeres from erosion and do not age (for example Schmidtea mediterranea), but how at the same time other flatworms possess a limited life span. Is this related to telomere maintenance?


2009 – 2012: B. Sc. in Zoology Honours (University Topper), Presidency College, Kolkata; DST INSPIRE Scholar
2012 – 2014: M. Sc. in Zoology (Specialization: Genetics and Immunology),University of Calcutta; UGC Post Graduate Merit Fellow
2012: Summer Research Fellow (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research-IISER-Kolkata)
2013: Indian Academy of Sciences(IAS) Summer Research fellow (InStem -National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore)
Oct, 2014 – Present: D. Phil student in Zoology (Clarendon Scholar), University of Oxford



Fundings/Travel grants

2014-17: Clarendon Scholarship, Oxford
2014-17: Sloane-Robinson Scholarship, Keble College Oxford
2015: “The Company of Biologists” registration grant to attend BSDB-SPBD Joint Meeting, Algarve, Portugal
2016: The Keble Association grant [Berlin DNA Repair meeting]

BSCB- Honor Fell Travel Grant

BSDB Conference grant [4th European Planarian Biology meeting]

2016: Elizabeth Hannah Jenkinson research Grant, Zoology Department, Oxford

2017: BSDB Conference grant for Spring meeting 2017

Conferences attended during DPhil

7th-10th Oct 2015 3rd BSDB-SPBD Joint Meeting, Algarve, Portugal
(Travel grant from The company of Biologists) [Poster Presentation]

11th December 2015 Annual Oxford Developmental Biology Symposium

10th June 2016, CRUK Oxford Annual symposium 2016 [Poster Presentation]

12th September 2016, Frontiers in DNA Repair Meeting Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, Berlin,Germany
(Conference grant from The Keble Association and British Society for Cell Biology)[Oral presentation]

25th-27th September 2016,4th European Planarian Meeting 2016 Sant Feliu de Guixols, Catalonia, Spain.
(Travel grant from British Society for Developmental Biology)[Oral presentation]

30th-31st March 2017,Oxford Genome Stability meeting, Queens College [Oral presentation]

2nd-5th April 2017, BSDB- BSCB- Genetics Society Spring meeting 2017, Warwick [Poster presentation]

23rd June 2017, CRUK Oxford Annual symposium, Said Business School, Oxford.