I am currently a postdoctoral scientist at the Aboobaker lab.

I started my scientific career doing a BSc in Psychology in University of Nottingham. During my degree, I cultivated an interest in Genetics and Molecular Biology and, as a result, did my Masters by Research in Molecular Genetics in the Aboobaker lab. During that time I was working on the establishment of a model combining three different tools (RNAi, irradiation and bioinformatics) to aid the identification of stem cell-specific genes. After my Masters course, I stayed for a PhD. My PhD work focused on studying the function of the frequently mutated in cancer MLL3 and MLL4 histone methyltransferases. The work suggests that the flatworm system could be used convincingly for in-depth studies of cancer epigenetics.





Mihaylova, Y., Kao, D., Hughes, S., Lai, A., Jaber-Hijazi, F., Abnave, P., Kosaka, N. and Aboobaker, A. A. (manuscript in prep) MLL3/4 prevents stem cell hyperplasia and controls differentiation programs in a planarian cancer stem cells model.

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BSc Psychology (award for highest degree result), University of Nottingham

MRes Molecular Genetics, University of Nottingham

PhD Genetics, University of Nottingham 2016